Meditation on Audio - The Simple Divine Strategy

A simple but impressive method to do mediation depending on Audio is defined underneath:

1. Sit in Indian conventional way, with folded legs.

2. Utilizing your ring finger, address both of those the ear holes.

three. Shut your eyes.

Slowly but surely, you might start out Listening to a wind blowing audio from your tummy aspect, this currently being an inside sound from your system. This seem will begin to come in a make any difference of number of seconds and you can Plainly hear that.

A one that commences hearing this seem will remove any abdomen ailments that he has. Also, if he hears this sound for a couple of minutes, digestion will occur so immediately.

If someone continues this posture and closes his ears with ring finger and retains his eyes closed for forty eight minutes daily, he will get started Listening to 1 or most of the next Appears:

one. Conch

2. Flute

3. Veena

four. Ocean Wave

five. Thunder

and a few additional.

After you start Listening define immersion to these Seems, you shouldn't stress but start savoring the identical. It will eventually Engage in all divine musical notes. Believe me, its a hundred% real. I have read flute, veena and ocean waves from within my body.

In case you ignore all of these musical sounds, you can eventually commence hearing the divine AUM or OM audio. A one who starts off hearing that seem will become a wonderful yogi.

If you listen to 1 or lots of of those Appears in the course of your meditation, during the system of 6 months, you can attain many supernatural powers. You may tune your ears (I will connect with it internal ear) to listen to a conversation going on A huge number of miles absent.

The very first target ought to be to hear 1 of such sounds after which you can take on from there.

All this stuff are divine science and should not be disclosed or employed for wrong function. Doing so would cause you to shed the powers you attain Therefore.

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